Japan's Underground Naval Dugouts - A Silent History Teller -- Text includes translated remarks

KANAGAWA, JAPAN - JUN. 23: Thick concrete walls, coded wire communications room, and air raid evacuation room among other facilities at a huge complex of underground dugouts are eloquently telling the history of the war - but silently. The Imperial Japanese Navy's secret commanding headquarters at the final days of the Second World War - with its deepest point at 30 meters underground - is located beneath Hiyoshi Campus of prestigious Keio University in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. The Imperial Navy in 1944 hired the ground, along with the university's boarding houses, and build the facility to prepare for what it thought to be imminent - the battle on mainland Japan as American troops quickly approached Japan thoughout the Pacific fronts. The Navy ordered from here the world's largest battleship Yamato to join war off Okinawa but was powerlessly sanken en route by U.S. warplanes which then already dominated Pacific airspaces. Japan surrendered and the war ended in summer 1945. -- 01:50-02:16 'Ahead from here used to be the aerial control room under Tokyo telecommunications division of the former navy’s intelligence department. In there also used to be several rooms but lots of water has been oozed out of the ground and now water level is as high as my knee.', 02:53-03:06 'Water drainage system is built in inside the wall. Pipes are placed all along behind the walls.'


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