President Johnson Gives State of the Union Address

EXT Capitol Building where inside President Lyndon B Johnson is giving his State of the Union Address / 'Tonight the cup of peril is full in Vietnam. That conflict is not an isolated episode, but another great event in the policy that we have followed with strong consistency since World War II. History is on the side of freedom and is on the side of societies shaped from the genius of each people. History does not favor a single system or belief-unless force is used to make it so. ... That is why it has been necessary for us to defend this basic principle of our policy, to defend it in Berlin, in Korea, in Cuba-and tonight in Vietnam. We will stay because in Asia and around the world are countries whose independence rests, in large measure, on confidence in America's word and in America's protection. To yield to force in Vietnam would weaken that confidence, would undermine the independence of many lands, and would whet the appetite of aggression. We would have to fight in one land, and then we would have to fight in another-or abandon much of Asia to the domination of Communists. And we do not intend to abandon Asia to conquest.' / house members applaud President Johnson / 'Because of Vietnam we cannot do all that we should, or all that we would like to do. We will ruthlessly attack waste and inefficiency. We will make sure that every dollar is spent with the thrift and with the commonsense which recognizes how hard the taxpayer worked in order to earn it.'


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