Bosnian refugees evacuated for ethnic cleansing

Bosnian Muslim refugees forced from bus coaches and made to walk through the snow by Bosnian Serb soldiers / Bus coaches full of Muslim refugees stopped on road in snow covered countryside / refugees inside coach (in process of being ethnically cleansed, they were removed by Bosnian Serbs at gun point from their villages) including young children, women and elderly / close up of their faces looking tired and frightened / British United Nations soldiers (with blue helmets) liaising with Bosnian Serb troops guarding coaches / Colonel Bob Stewart, British Cheshire Regiment makes comments / armed Bosnian Serb soldiers standing around (refusing to let coaches pass) / refugees walking through snow carrying and dragging their personal possessions with them / refugees along through snow in long line, young boy holding his parent's hand, old man walking along with a stick / close up of land mines clearly visible at side of road the refugees are made to walk along / man carrying heavy suitcase on his back / little boy carrying bag of fruit / Bosnian Army troops looking on at line of refugees / Colonel Stewart carrying young child through snow (Produced by ITN Archive Limited) Bosnian refugees evacuated for ethnic cleansing on February 26, 1993 in Turbe, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Footage by Getty Images)


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クレジット:ITN Archive Limited
コレクション:Archive Films: Editorial
リリース情報:リリースされていません。 詳細情報
場所:Turbe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
マスター:QuickTime 8-bit Photo-JPEG SD 720x576 25p 詳細情報
オリジナルショット:Betacam SP PAL 576 25p
ソース:Archive Films Editorial