Argyles re-enter Crater

Argyles re-enter Crater; ***ALSO AVAILABLE AS FS050767054*** ADEN: Crater: GTV Pan L-R over crater city: MS Pipe Major Robson towards and past to BV and stops: pan up to sign 'Stirling Castle': on building: ................... SOF: ? CS COL. MITCHELL: SOF: (Hart:Col. Mitchell, you actually led the attack. What time did it start?) 7 o'clock last night: (When did you get your orders?) About 12 o'clock yesterday morning. We sort of agreed how we were going to do it and the plan we'd been thinking about was, you know, put on and we started at seven: (What were the reasons for re-taking Crater- it cam as a great surprise?) Well - purely as a soldier, the reasons were that the whole prestige of the army depended on going back in. Obviously, we were thrown out if truth were known, and we had to go back in: (Weren't you taking a gamble - there might have been heavy fighting and casualties?) We were prepared for it, yes: (Were you surprised there weren't heavy casulties?) Yes, slightly: (What is the position regarling the whole of Crater: You haven't taken the vital road where the machine gun posts are leading up to the pass?) No. I'm not allowed to, it's simple as that, I've been stopped as you know - we've got sort of 2/3rds of it now, and I've been stopped on that line and I'm just at this moment awaiting orders: The Acting Brigade Commander has gone to see the GOC and I hope to know by 10 o'clock: (Are you confident, with the forces you have, that you can control Crater?) Oh. Yes. Yes. Nothing in Crater we can't cope with, I promise you: CS Driver of saladin: TRAVEL: Along road horse and cart: TRAVEL: On top of saladin: Alan Hart I/C: SOF: I'm on patrol now with the 1st Battalion Argyle and Southerland Highlanders, and it's going to be patrols like this, to test just how firmly British troops have Crater in their control, because if it isn't very firmly under control now guarantee we will be fired on and we will have grenades t...


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