Ben Siems & The Willie August Project

Minneapolis, MN United States

Album cover from Siems' modern concert music release, "Empire at Twilight"
ジャンル:アンビエントサウンドスケープ, ケイジャン/ザディコ, スペシャルティ - 予告編音楽, スペシャルティ - サウンドトラックオルタナティブ, スペシャルティ - ヒューマンドラマ/感動, スペシャルティ - ホラー/サスペンス, スペシャルティ - クラシック - ホラー/サスペンス, スペシャルティ - 映画音楽, クラシック - モダン/アヴァンギャルド, ジャズ - ジャズポップ/ライトジャズ, ジャズ - フュージョン, ジャズ - フリー/アヴァンギャルド, ジャズ - ディキシーランド/ラグタイム
経歴: Ben Siems is a prolific composer who crosses genre boundaries as readily as most people cross a street. Best known as the guitarist and ace composer of the internationally acclaimed jazz trio, The Willie August Project, Siems was actually originally a classical cellist by training. His catalog includes the melodic, engaging instrumental jazz that earned The Willie August Project fame, plus an array of works featuring cello, piano, and other strings, ranging from the classical to the avant-garde. A cinematic quality pervades much of his music, which explains the dozens of commissions he has received from theater and dance companies, filmmakers, and documentary video artists.