Devin Sarno

Glendale, CA United States

Devin Sarno
ジャンル:アンビエントサウンドスケープ, クラシック - モダン/アヴァンギャルド, 電子音楽 - ブレイクビーツ
経歴: Devin Sarno began “CRIB” in early 1990 as a solo bass sound project focusing on improvised subsonics. Over the better part of a decade, this music has evolved from high volume feedback experimentation to a sonic examination of the meditative properties of low-end drone music. Influenced in part by artists such as: Phill Niblock, Deep Listening Band & Arvo Pärt as well as everyday ambience & silence, the music of Devin Sarno has been described as:

“A rich and genuinely beautiful music. If, on one hand, this sound is one of foreboding, its resonance, on the other, is deeply seductive.”

• Motion UK

Sarno’s most recent recorded output has seen the introduction of additional sonic landscapes including strings, loops & field recordings. The L.A. Weekly says of this latest direction in sound:

“[This music] wells up with levels of understated melody somewhat beyond what occurred in any of Sarno’s previous recordings.”

While Rolling notes:

“It’s contemporary classical music with an indie rock sensibility and will find fans in folks who grew up digging noise bands but are looking for something a bit more beautiful to trip out on in adulthood.”

Sarno has toured both coasts of the United States, sharing concert bills with artists as diverse as: Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth), Charles Gayle, Z’EV, Nels Cline, Foetus, Merzbow, Borbetomagus, Blonde Redhead, Pauline Oliveros, Masonna, Ben Harper, Gus Gus, William Hooker, Kato Hideki, Carla Bozulich, Banyan (feat. Mike Watt & Stephen Perkins) & more.

In recent years, Sarno’s work has been featured in several short film projects which have been screened at renowned venues such as the Toronto & Venice Film Festivals and broadcast on network television (Bravo, CBS) as well as the NYC Times Square Jumbotron.