Jason Gallagher

New York, NY United States

ジャンル:キッズ/クワーキー, ファンク, スペシャルティ - プロモーション音楽, スペシャルティ - 映画音楽, カントリー - オルタナティブ, ポップ - 電子音楽, ロック - ルーツロック, 世界各国 - インド, 電子音楽 - トリップホップ/ダウンテンポ, Electronic - Pop, ブルース - エレクトリック
経歴: Jason Gallagher has been writing and performing music since 2001. He is the front man of the NYC-based rock band Leroy Justice, as well as a professional editor and composer. He has had the distinction of performing at the South by Southwest Music and Film Festival with his band and premiering a documentary he edited there in the same year. Check out his personal music, Leroy Justice and his production company, Walleye Pictures & Sound, on the web.