Marie Saintonge

St-Jude, Quebec Canada

Marie Saintonge
ジャンル:ニューエイジ, ファンク, スペシャルティ - プロモーション音楽, ジャズ - ジャズポップ/ライトジャズ, ジャズ - フリー/アヴァンギャルド, 世界各国 - 西ヨーロッパ, 世界各国 - その他, 世界各国 - ネイティブアメリカン, 世界各国 - 中東, 電子音楽 - ラウンジ/チルアウト
経歴: Marie Saintonge is a world music flutist, composer and producer. She can be heard in various groups and contexts: Brazilian, African, Arabic, jazz, classical, pop, hip-hop, lounge and traditional folk music, as well as all Latin and Caribbean styles. She has just released her second album, entitled Hawazone, which is a reflection of her musical and personal values combined. Hawazone's concept is creating a musical space in which experimentation with sound and exploration of elements of all cultures and traditions is accepted and celebrated. Marie Saintonge continues to increase her education and knowledge of world flutes like the bansuri, ney, penny whistle, and occarinas in addition to the standard and alto silver flutes. Recipient of the Quebec Arts Council, Banff Centre in Alberta and St-Hyacinthe's Cultural Council (her native town) grants, she has studied with internationally renowned flutist Pedro Eustache, a specialist in world flutes and based in Los Angeles. A believer in the manifestation of one's creative visions, Saintonge travels the globe, sharing her ideas, and promoting her Hawazone concept.