Gairin - Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance

Carson City, NV United States

Tom and Mary Kay perform in Reno Nevada
ジャンル:キッズ/クワーキー, フォーク, スペシャルティ - 初期/ルネサンス/中世, スペシャルティ - アメリカ/ウェスタン, 世界各国 - ケルト
経歴: Blending vocal harmonies and folk instruments, we create folk music, recreating antique melodies and tunes with their vocal harmonies and folk instruments: accordion, guitar, mandolins and Irish bouzouki.

Many of our original and traditional songs and tunes are available for licensing through Getty (Pump Audio). This profile page may only list a few of the many songs and tunes we have uploaded to Getty for licensing.

For all our music on Getty (Pump Audio) copy paste the following into your web browser...

Thanks for listening! -- Tom and Mary Kay