North Hollywood, CA United States

ジャンル:ロック - メタル/オルタナティブメタル, ロック - オルタナティブロック
経歴: Bold As Bullets, is an intensely personal debut into the hard rock scene for the band members of Echoshot. Diving into the band’s psyche, the songs are a reflection of the darker side of life, loss and mental instability, which is evident in the track “Broken” a deep, guttural song of distrust and betrayal. “Time’s finally caught you; you can’t escape the hell you’ve caused” with candor, their lyrics offer a glimpse inside their minds, making them easily accessible to the listeners.

The music speaks for itself, aggressive, bold verses, catchy melodic choruses intertwined with abrasive guitar rifts and infectious, dynamic vocals. Successfully fusing hard rock with metal undertones for mainstream audiences, and not afraid to take risks, Echoshot is poised to make its mark within the music scene.