Vsevolozhsk, St.Petersburg region Russian Federation

KLUtCh 'Wild Mouse Jamper'
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Composer/Producer/CG Animator/VJ
Name: Denis 'KLUtCh' Popyrin
Location: Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA

"This is a Russian thing off this compilation called Ru.Electronic. It sounds really Russian. It's just sounds like they cobbled together whatever they could and made it. You can almost feel the temperature of the room when he was recording it. It's got this riff that comes in that's really simple, it just plink-plonks away. It's one those tracks you hear and think: "Why don't I just use one DAT machine and a synthesiser?" You don't need all this equipment, you just need a good idea."
Charlie May (Spooky) about KLUtCh's "Strochnik", Ministry Magazine 2002.

KLUtCh is the russian musician Denis Popyrin. His music is technologic, intellectual and sometimes even radical. A unique combination of ultra-fast aggressive breaks and bright melodies–always unexpected, fresh and surprising. His style varies from minimal techno and computer game soundtrack to electro and ambient and avoids boring cliches.
Chiptune/tracker musician since 1990's.
In 1997 the critical mismatch of his desires and ideas with the capabilities of the 8-bit technique available to him resulted in a creativity crisis… and Denis bought his first powerful synthesizer—the Alesis QS6. In the 6 months that followed he recorded about 40 musical compositions in an, so far, unknown style. The result was the album “8 bit freehand beat”. Two tracks from this album—Strochnik and Wantelur Saw—became highly regarded as part of the CD-compilation “Ru.electronic”.

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