Glen Gabriel

Södertälje, Stockholm Sweden

Glen Gabriel 2011
ジャンル:ニューエイジ, ゴシック, スペシャルティ - サウンドトラックオルタナティブ, スペシャルティ - ヒューマンドラマ/感動, スペシャルティ - ホラー/サスペンス, スペシャルティ - 映画音楽
経歴: Glen Gabriel has been involved in the world of music and the arts since very early age. His father a legendary artist manager that managed over 100 of the biggest artists in Sweden during 20 years and his mother, a painting artist, that has sold more original work than any other living painting artist on the planet.

As a child, he met with pianist Per-Erik Hallin (the only Swede who ever toured with Elvis Presley) that advised Glen in music for many years. From having been around many artists in his childhood including the family friend and world famous artist Chick Corea, it was only natural Glen wanted to become an artist himself.

One thing Glen learned from these fantastic artists was the simplicity of art and music. He understood the importance of creating and to never be bound by any rules in doing so.

Today Glen is a proud signee to the German based publishing company, Audio Factory that has an impressive production record. He is one of the top writers for New York based “Volition Sound Branding”, where he, so far, has been asked to submit music for Electrolux, HBSC Bank, Lipton Tea, Sharp Aquos, US Marine Corps, Pizza Hut, Dr Pepper, 1800 Tequila, Guinness, US Census, US Navy, Elizabeth Arden and Ford to mention a few.

Glen has scored major spots for USA based TV-Channels TBS, Discovery Channel and the USA based sports-channel ESPN. He has also made the main theme for the American TLC reality show “Masters of Reception”

Other users of Glen’s compositions are Garnier, Nike, Ford Models, PBS, Oppenheimer Funds and USA’s National Museum of Hip-hop.

When we enter the field of film scoring Glen has made several short films and web-series. So far he has done music for ./shutdown web series, Fight The Panda Syndicate, The Aberration, The Nothing Man, Castle of Lugor, God vs. Science, The Danger Element (Westhavenbrook films starring Doug Jones from Hellboy II, Pan’s Labyrinth), Desires of the Heart (R-Squared Films), Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (Bloodbath Pictures starring Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman) and Go Sukashi webseries featured on My Damn Channel (starring the Internet enigma Brooke Brodack). While these short films and web series have not been featured on mainstream media, they have collected millions of viewers on Youtube, Vimeo, My Damn Channel etc.

When it comes to feature films, Glen has scored the US documentary Justice on Trial featuring the world known case of Mumia Abu-Jabal. He is currently involved in scoring the US Horror Drama “Mark of the Beast” due mid 2011.

One of Glen’s film scores got an official nomination for Best Music in the 2010 International Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival in Syracuse, New York.

Glen is also involved and mid-writing the score for the new Swedish main feature film “Torkel & Morteza – the movie” This is the very first action packed Hollywood-style film being done in Sweden and planned to hit the theaters beginning 2012.

Glen Gabriel’s personal (and maybe favorite project) has so far lead to 3 albums, "Music in Chronological Order", "My World" and “Adrenalin”, that reach new fans world wide on a daily basis. Glen is currently working on his 4th album “Tranquility” to be released in 2011.

When it comes to orchestrations for other artists Glen proudly mentions Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network), Lizette & (with over 9.000.000 albums sold as a songwriter, Tony Harnell (TNT, Starbreaker, Morningwood, Westworld), Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe, Russell Allen, Jorn Lande), Bob Catley (Magnus), Mille (Bruket 3D), Hemsa Yousef, Jennifer Thomas, Michele McLaughlin…the list goes on.

In short, Glen Gabriel is a modern and extremely versatile composer with a very impressive range and ability to understand what is needed and delivers on time.

He has achieved so much up to date and constantly strives to perfect his skills. The real professionals never stop learning.

Don’t miss out on exploring Glen’s works and don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.