J.K. Wiechert

Goshen, IN United States

ジャンル:アンビエントサウンドスケープ, ゴシック, スペシャルティ - サウンドトラックオルタナティブ, スペシャルティ - プロモーション音楽, スペシャルティ - 軍歌/行進曲, スペシャルティ - ホラー/サスペンス, スペシャルティ - 映画音楽, ポップ - 電子音楽, ロック - 実験音楽/ポストロック, 電子音楽 - インダストリアル, 電子音楽 - 実験音楽, Electronic - Pop, 電子音楽 - エレクトロ, 電子音楽 - アンビエント
経歴: J. K. Wiechert's incredible musical diversity spans many genres, from Rock, Electronic, and Industrial to Orchestral and Experimental. He has produced cutting edge audio for all areas of media for over a decade, and his music has been used by A&E, TLC, Bravo, Amnesty International, The History Channel, VH1, National Geographic, Discovery, Style, LOGO, W Network, DirecTV, and many others. MTV has used his work extensively in shows like Rock Dinner, Underworld Evolution, MTV's Greatest Hits, MADE, Room Raiders, Exiled, and 13 episodes of Scarred, just to name a few.

Other credits: True Life - Then And Now (MTV), Stripped (documentary), Lawman – Episodes 2, 4, 8, and 9 (A&E), Angels Vs. Demons Fact Or Fiction (Discovery), Man V. Food – Boston (Travel Channel), Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew – Episodes 202, 205, 206, 209, 301, 302, 304, 306, 501, 503, 505, 506, 507, 510 (VH1), Sober House – Episode 101, 203 (VH1), The Pick Up Artist – Episode 104 (VH1, MTV2), Back To The Blueprint - Windmill (The History Channel), Beyond The Da Vinci Code (The History Channel, A&E), Confessions Of A Matchmaker - Jamie and Grant, Mary and Mike (A&E), 99 Most Bizarre - Survival Stories, 102, Crimes (TLC), Children Of Waco (TLC), Pantry Raid (Style Network), World Finals - 310 (DirecTV), 100 Funniest Movie Moments (Bravo), Even Scarier Movie Moments - Parts 1 and 2 (Bravo), Al Roker Investigates - Innocence For Sale (Court TV), Speedology - Daytona Biker Rally (National Geographic Explorer), Crash Test Human - Cars, House (National Geographic Explorer), Swarms - Hour 2 (National Geographic Explorer), Haulin' House- Episode 101 (HGTV), That's Clever - Episode 163 (HGTV), Conspiracy Files - CIA Mind Control (Discovery), Rousch Racing Driver X - Competitors Vs Champs, Big Surprises, Let The Competition Begin (Discovery, Discovery Times), Critical Hour - Manic Moments (Discovery Health), The Next Food Network Star - Episode 205 (The Food Network), Real Momentum - Out On The (Logo), Confessions Of Alien Abductions - Christina, Debra (Womens Entertainment), Love It Or List It - Pliskat, Challenger, Preston (W Network), Hogan Knows Best - Backyard Battle: Staredown '99 (VSPOT)...