Brooklyn, NY United States

ジャンル:キッズ/クワーキー, スカ, ラウンジ/エキゾチカ, カントリー - オルタナティブ, ジャズ - フリー/アヴァンギャルド, ロック - サーフミュージック, ロック - ルーツロック, ロック - インディーロック, ロック - 実験音楽/ポストロック, ラテン - メキシコ - マリアッチ, ラテン - ポップ, ラテン - ブラジル - ブラジルポップ/MPB/トロピカリア
経歴: Sometimes it''''s just when you give up that everything goes your way. That can definitely be said of New York''''s Melomane, an experimental-rock art-pop ensemble often compared to a heavier Belle and Sebastian or Calexico meets Roxy Music. Melomane have been together eight years and released three albums, with much of their support coming from Germany. Like most bands, they have struggled for success and had many thoughts of calling it quits. Melomane''''s third album, Glaciers, has been picked up by Russian label Soyuz Music, and met with rave reviews and a very successful recent tour of Russia. Seva Gakkel and Boris Gribinshikov, members of Russia''''s most legendary and groundbreaking rock band, Akvarium, endorsed their album to the press and came to their recent shows in St. Petersburg, shocking and awing local audiences. To make the whole experience weirder, the US Embassy in Russia agreed to fund the trip and even organized a champagne reception for Melomane in Moscow.