long beach, ca United States

ジャンル:ディスコ, ファンク, ラウンジ/エキゾチカ, スペシャルティ - サウンドトラックオルタナティブ, ジャズ - ジャズポップ/ライトジャズ, ジャズ - フリー/アヴァンギャルド, ポップ - 電子音楽, ポップ - アダルトコンテンポラリー, ロック - 実験音楽/ポストロック, 電子音楽 - ラウンジ/チルアウト, 電子音楽 - ハウス/ダンス/プログレッシブ, 電子音楽 - 実験音楽, Electronic - Pop, 電子音楽 - ブレイクビーツ, 電子音楽 - アンビエント, R&B - モダン/アーバンコンテンポラリー, R&B - クラシック/ソウル
経歴: Lovespirals began in late 1998 as an outgrowth of Love Spirals Downwards, the legendary dream pop recording project of multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Lum. Following the 1998 release of his crossover electronica CD, Flux, Lum became immersed in the drum and bass DJ scene, and soon found himself collaborating with sultry vocalist, Anji Bee, on his own extended dance tracks.

After a series of jazzy D’n’B singles released on comps alongside the likes of LTJ Bukem, Lovespirals explored their love of jazz, blues, world, and rock music for their moody 2002 debut CD, Windblown Kiss. The duo followed up in 2005 with a sensual blend of their electronica and rock influences on Free & Easy, the first CD for the band’s own label, Chillcuts. Lum signed to indie label Projekt Records in 1992 and though their relationship remains strong, he was ready to try something new.

Lum and Bee have long embraced new media from designing and maintaining their active website,, since 1998, to launching their own podcast, Chillin’ with Lovespirals, in 2005. Bee also produces a weekly podsafe music show,The Chillcast with Anji Bee, for the PodShow Podcast Network. And of course Lovespirals have a MySpace page, - members since 2004!

Lovespirals'' music has been featured on MTV, VH1, E!TV, ABC, WB/EW, and many other televison and cable channels internationally.