Jury retires in Meredith Kercher murder trial

Arline Kercher and John Kercher (Parents of Meredith Kercher) climbing from minibus surrounded by press / INT Amanda Knox escorted into court room / Curt Knox and Edda Mellas (Parents of Amanda Knox) standing with other man / Curt Knox (Amanda Knox's father) interview SOT - The picture that has been portrayed of her is nothing like her, what we have seen last few days, defence talking about her personality is the real Amanda / Edda Mellas (Amanda Knox's mother) interview SOT - How confident can you be but I am extremely hopeful, I think the judges and the jury are going to make the right decision / Amanda Knox seated in court with lawyer / Raffaele Sollecito (accused of murdering Merdith Kercher) kissing woman on cheek in court (face not seen) (Produced by ITN Archive Limited) Jury retires in Meredith Kercher murder trial on December 04, 2009 in Perugia, Italy (Footage by Getty Images)


クレジット: ITN Archive Limited
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コレクション: Getty Images Editorial Footage
作成日: 2009年12月04日(金)
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場所: Perugia, Italy
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ソース: Getty Images Editorial Footage
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