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52-year-old Katsuihiro Akaiwa cuts the 'Tatami-mat stick' while... ニュース写真仏教,出来事,剣,埼玉県,大人,女性,宗教,宗教的祝典,居合い,式典,技能,文化,旅行,日本,武道,歩く,火渡り,町,縦位置,謎,長瀞町Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFP52-year-old Katsuihiro Akaiwa cuts the 'Tatami-mat stick' while perfroming his Genryu-style skills of 'Iai-batto-jyutu,' or techniques for engaging Japanese sword as a part of the event of the 'Hi-watari', or fire walking ceremony, to herald the coming of spring at the Fudoji temple in Nagatoro town, Saitama prefecture, on March 3, 2013. Thousands of people watched and joined the fire walking ritual to purify the mind and body and to pray for safety. AFP PHOTO/TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)