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Volunteers and staff rest outisde the venue of a 'blinfold' chess... ニュース写真あくびをする,スポーツ,チェス,ボランティア,ライフスタイル,中国,休息をとる,余暇,北京,横位置,疲れている,立候補者,競争,職業Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPVolunteers and staff rest outisde the venue of a 'blinfold' chess tournament at the Beijing 2012 World Mind Games Tournament in Beijing on December 19, 2012. Some of the world's top chess players went eye-to-eye in the year's highest-level 'blindfold' chess tournament -- seen by some as the toughest challenge in the game. Unable to physically see their own or their opponent's past moves, the players summoned headache-inducing levels of concentration to fight for gold in a silent conference room, lined up in front of laptop screens showing a blank board. AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones (Photo credit should read Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)