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To go with 'Japan-US-game-entertainment-company-Nintendo,FOCUS' by... ニュース写真Wii U,エレクトロニクス産業,エンタメ総合,タイタン,テレビゲーム,レジ係,ワイヤレステクノロジー,任天堂,小売り,店,新しい,日本,東京都,横位置,顧客Photographer Collection: AFP 2012 AFPTo go with 'Japan-US-game-entertainment-company-Nintendo,FOCUS' by Kyoko Hasegawa This picture taken on December 8, 2012 shows customers being attended to by cashiers (in red) as they purchase Japanese electronics titan Nintendo's new videogame console 'Wii U' at a shop in Tokyo. Nintendo is hoping its new Wii U console will catapult it back to pole position in the video game sector, but analysts are divided on whether the Japanese gaming titan can reboot its fading glory. AFP PHOTO/Toru YAMANAKA (Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)