Best of トーマス デ メジエール


Thomas de Maiziere , German Minister of Defence and Mohammed Atta... ニュース写真アフガニスタン,トーマス デ メジエール,ハズラトアリー廟,マザリシャリフ,モスク,国防大臣,外交,政治,横長,訪問,長Photographer Collection: AFP 2012 AFPThomas de Maiziere (Front 2nd L), German Minister of Defence and Mohammed Atta Noor (2nd Row 2nd R) ,Governor of the Afghan province Balch, visit the Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan on November 13, 2012. During his two-day surprise visit to Afghanistan De Maiziere visited the German troops and met with his Afghan counterpart for discussions on security issues. AFP PHOTO / POOL/ OLIVER LANG (Photo credit should read OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images)