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On January 30 South Korea achieved its first indigenous satellite... ニュース写真デジタルグローブ,先住民文化,努力,失敗,島,朝鮮半島,画像や映像,科学技術,縦位置,達成,韓国Photographer Collection: DigitalGlobe 2013 DigitalGlobeOENARO ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA-JANUARY 30, 2013: On January 30, 2013, South Korea achieved its first indigenous satellite launch after two previous failures and two aborted attempts. This image shows the Naro Space Center launch pad on Oenaro Island off the southern coast of mainland South Korea. The space center is operated by the state-run Korea Aerospace Research Institute and includes a launch pad, a control tower, a rocket assembly building, test facilities, fuel storage and supply facilities, an electric power station and a landing field. (Photo DigitalGlobe via Getty Images)