Kathimerini Publishing SA Newspaper Print Works As Anarchist Group Targets Journalists Reporting Euro Crisis


Newly-printed pages of the Kathimerini newspaper pass along the... ニュース写真ギリシャ,ギリシャ文化,ジャーナリスト,ビジネス,ファイナンス,メディア,ヨーロッパ,新聞,横位置,法人ビジネス,流れ作業,紙,職業,自動化,製造所Photographer Collection: Bloomberg 2013 BloombergNewly-printed pages of the Kathimerini newspaper pass along the automated production line at the Kathimerini printing plant in Paiania, Greece, on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013. An anarchist group claimed responsibility for a series of attacks early on Jan. 11 when unidentified perpetrators threw makeshift bombs made from propane gas canisters into the homes of five Greek journalists working for national media saying it was to protest coverage of the country's financial crisis seen as sympathetic to the government. Photographer: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg via Getty Images