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ADDING INFO ON FLAGS Members of the Kurdish community in France,... ニュース写真アブドゥッラー・オジャラン,クルド人,パリ,フランス,ポートレート,リーダーシップ,刑務所,大人,女性,女性管理職,宣告,手に持つ,抗議活動,撃つ,旗,横長,死,法,画像や映像,逆らう,黄色Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPADDING INFO ON FLAGS Members of the Kurdish community in France, holding portraits of yellow flags with a portrait of jailed Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan and pink flags of the Koma Jinen Bilind (KJB, Gathering of Revolutionary Women, part of the PKK) protest on January 10, 2013, near the Kurdistan Information Bureau in Paris where three Kurdish women were found killed with a gunshot to the head. The bodies of the women were found shortly before 2:00 am (0100 GMT) inside the building in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital. One of the women was 32-year-old Fidan Dogan who worked in the institute's information centre, according to its director, Leon Edart. The identities of the other two women, who were reportedly Kurdish activists but did not work at the Institute, were not immediately available. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)