NYC Redemption Center Helps Impoverished "Canners" Get By


A man keeps warm beside bags of empty beer bottles and cans at Sure... ニュース写真アメリカ合州国,ニューヨーク州 ブルックリン,ニューヨーク市,バッグ,ビール,ビール瓶,フッシュウィック,再生利用,協力,大人,横位置,熱さ,瓶,男性,社会問題,缶詰にする,貧困,都市,非営利団体Photographer Collection: Getty Images News 2013 Getty ImagesNEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 16: A man keeps warm beside bags of empty beer bottles and cans at Sure We Can, a non-profit bottle redemption center in Bushwick, Brooklyn that is pushing to become a cooperative for the canning community on February 16, 2013 in New York City. Sure We Can, which was partly started by homeless canners in 2007 and is run by one of its founders Sister Ana Martinez de Luco, looks to give the diverse members of the canning community a safe and fraternal place to redeem cans, store their carriages and become members of an association that encourages self-dependence and responsibility. Many of New York's canners are non-English-speaking elderly immigrants who live a marginalized existence and are vulnerable to dishonest business practices. Sure We Can currently serves around 50 canners per day and recycles over 6 million bottles and cans per year. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)