Conflict Continues In Mali With Islamist Rebels


Internally displaced Malians from Timbuktu discuss at a makeshift... ニュース写真アフリカ,イスラム教,イラストレーション,イラスト画法,カフェ,トンブクトゥ,バマコ,マリ,マリ北部紛争 - 2012-2013年,仮の,国内避難民,大人,宗教,家庭生活,対立,座る,横位置,武装勢力,民間人,男性,話し合い,話す,軍隊,都市,難民・避難民Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPInternally displaced (IDP) Malians from Timbuktu discuss at a makeshift cafe in Bamako, on January 13, 2013. Meanwhile French jets pounded the Islamist strongholds of Gao and Kidal in northern Mali today, forcing insurgents to flee on the third day of a game-changing intervention that has been met with relief by the population and spurred the region into action. AFP PHOTO / ISSOUF SANOGO (Photo credit should read ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)