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French MP of right-wing opposition party UMP, Jerome Chartier, ally... ニュース写真ジャーナリスト,チームワーク,パリ,フランス,フランソワ フィヨン,リーダーシップ,以前の,右派,国民議会,国民運動連合,政党,政治,立候補者,縦長,話す,野党,首相Photographer Collection: AFP 2012 AFPFrench MP of right-wing opposition party UMP, Jerome Chartier, ally of former prime Minister Francois Fillon, the defeated candidate for the leadership of the UMP speaks to journalists on November 26, 2012 in Paris at the National Assembly. The statement takes part after the meeting of the UMP's appeal elections control board which confirmed the decision of the UMP's elections control committee (COCOE) declaring the victory of Jean-Francois Cope as new president of UMP, elected on November 18, 2012. The appeal followed the failure of a mediation with the right-winger Cope, who was declared the winner of November 22 knife-edge vote to pick a party leader, Jean-Francois Cope, and his centrist rival Francois Fillon. AFP PHOTO PIERRE VERDY (Photo credit should read PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images)