Feathers Fly and Blood Flows in the Popular Sport of Cockfighting


A fighting rooster seen in the breeding station in Villavicencio,... ニュース写真もがく,エンタメ総合,オスのひな鳥,コロンビア,スポーツ,セッティング,ヒューマンインタレスト,フェザー,ラテンアメリカ,上半身,列車,動物,動物の行動,動物保護,強さ,強靭性,成功,戦う,攻撃的,文化,横位置,死,残酷,残酷なスポーツ,耐久力,農園,速さ,都市,闘鶏,駅Photographer Collection: LatinContent Editorial 2006 Jan SochorVILLAVICENCIO, COLOMBIA - APRIL 17: A fighting rooster seen in the breeding station in Villavicencio, Colombia on April 17 2006. Cockfight is a widely popular and legal sporting event in much of Latin America. The fight is usually held in an arena (gallera in spanish) with seats for spectators. There is always gambling involved in cockfights. People take advantage of cock's natural, strong will to fight against all males of the same species. Birds are specially bred to increase their aggression and stamina, they are given the best of food and care. The cocks are equipped with tortoise-shell made gaffs tied to the bird's leg. The fight is not intentionally to the death but it may result in the death of cocks very often. (Photo by Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images)