Best of ジョシュ パウエル


Fans watch as Los Angeles Lakers forward Josh Powell shoots over... ニュース写真NBA,アメリカ合州国,オクラホマシティ,オクラホマシティアリーナ,オクラホマシティサンダー,ショットを決める,ジョシュ パウエル,スポーツ,バスケットボール,バスケットボールのシュート,バスケットボールのボール,ファン,マリック ローズ,ロサンゼルス レイカーズ,南北アメリカ,失業,政府,政治,景気後退,横長,注視する,経済,職業Photographer Collection: Bloomberg UNITED STATES - MARCH 24: Fans watch as Los Angeles Lakers forward Josh Powell, 21, shoots over Oklahoma City Thunder forward Malik Rose during a National Basketball Association (NBA) game at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., on Tuesday, March 24, 2009. Nearly three decades after an energy bust that forced 122 banks to close statewide, Oklahoma City is in the fifth year of an economic expansion that's produce the lowest jobless rate for a major metro U.S. area. Oklahoma City demonstrated it could support a NBA team, encouraging the Seattle Supersonics to move permanently and become the Thunder, which now draw crowds as large as the Boston Celtics. (Photo by J.P. Wilson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)