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Ethic Albanians protest in Presevo on January 21 a day after Serbian... ニュース写真セルビア,人種や民族,保安,取り除く,城,対立,建造物,抗議活動,昼間,権力,横位置,献身,町,記念建造物Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPEthic Albanians protest in Presevo on January 21, 2013, a day after Serbian authorities removed a monument erected in the ethnic Albanian stronghold town of Presevo and dedicated to the fighters in the 2001 conflict against Serbian security forces. The monument, dedicated to the fallen members of the Liberation Army for Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac, whose goal was to unite the ethnic Albanian majority area in the Presevo Valley with neighboring Kosovo, was erected in November 2012 in front of the ethnic-Albanian-run municipality building in Presevo. AFP PHOTO / SASA DJORDJEVIC (Photo credit should read SASA DJORDJEVIC/AFP/Getty Images)