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CONTENT] During a holiday s week in New York City , I took this... ニュース写真つり橋,アメリカ合州国,ニューヨーク市,ブルックリン橋,マンハッタン,ライフスタイル,世界的な名所,全景,横位置,週,風景Photographer Collection: Moment © 2011 Yoann JEZEQUEL[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] During a holiday s week (2011, 2 December) in New York City (United States, USA), I took this panorama of Manhattan from the Brooklyn bridge Park. It was a great view with the blue sky and the strange clouds. You can see many symbols of New York City on this picture like the Brooklyn bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the skyscrapers and wall street buildings, the One World Trade Center (1 WTC) in construction, the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive (FDR), the East River and the Pier 11 and 17 (Fulton Ferry does the way between Wall street and Brooklyn bridge park). On the left side, you can see the Jane s carousel.