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Disassembled computer carcasses are pictured in the courtyard of... ニュース写真コンピュータ,コンピュータ機器,テクノロジー,ビジネス,ファイナンス,ブカレスト,ルーマニア,中庭,人物,依存,再生利用,分解,店,横位置,死んでいる動物,活動,経済,製造所,責任,非営利団体Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPDisassembled computer carcasses are pictured in the courtyard of 'Ateliere fara frontiere' (Workshops without borders) recycling factory in Bucharest February 1, 2013. 'Workshops Without Borders' is inspired by Ateliers Sans Frontieres, a nonprofit association whose mission is socio-professional integration of people in need through a shop which proposes an economic activity and solidarity: recycling and reconditioning computers collected from companies and institutions responsible. AFP PHOTO DANIEL MIHAILESCU (Photo credit should read DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)