Exorcism Ritual Performed by a Spiritual Healer in Colombia


Diana R., who claims to be possessed by spirits, lies on the ground... ニュース写真いのる,キリストの十字架,コロンビア,サッカー,スポーツ,バジェデルカウカ県,パフォーマンス,全身,回復,囲む,土,女の子,子供,宗教,悪霊,悪魔,悪魔祓い,感情,教会,木製,横位置,泥,精神性,花,謎,超常現象,邪悪Photographer Collection: LatinContent Editorial 2013 Jan SochorLA CUMBRE, COLOMBIA - MAY 28: Diana R., who claims to be possessed by spirits, lies on the ground surrounded by flowers during a ritual of exorcism performed by Hermes Cifuentes on 28 May 2012 in La Cumbre, Colombia. Exorcism is an ancient religious practice of evicting spirits, generally called demons or evil. Although the formal catholic rite of exorcism is rarely seen and must be only conducted by a designated priest, there are many pastors and preachers in Latin America performing exorcism ceremonies. The 52-year-old Brother Hermes, as the exorcist calls himself, claims to have been carrying out the healing rituals for more than 20 years. Using fire, dirt, candles, flowers, eggs and other natural-based items, in conjunction with Christian religous formulas, he attempts to drive the supposed evil spirit out of a victim's mind and body. (Photo by Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images)