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CO--JULY 3RD 2010--A composite photograph entitled, 'Elephant Wall,'... ニュース写真アメリカ合州国,エンタメ総合,コロラド州,ジョージア州 クレイトン,デンバー,写真,合成,年次イベント,横位置,芸術家,見せる,道路Photographer Collection: Denver Post DENVER,CO--JULY 3RD 2010--A composite photograph entitled, 'Elephant Wall,' from artist, Dennis Kohn from Sausalito California, displayed at the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival Saturday afternoon. the festival runs through Monday 6 p.m. at Denver's Cherry Creek North Shopping District, from 2nd to 3rd Avenues, on the six streets between Clayton and Steele Streets. Andy Cross, The Denver Post (Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)