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China-party-congress-economy-workers,FOCUS by Robert Saiget This... ニュース写真エレクトロニクス産業,ビジネス,ファイナンス,中国,住宅,働く,場所,広東省,建造物,横位置,歩く,歩行者,法人ビジネス,深圳市,経済,職業,製造する,階段,鴻海精密工業Photographer Collection: AFP 2012 AFPTO GO WITH STORY China-party-congress-economy-workers,FOCUS by Robert Saiget This picture taken on October 31, 2012 shows an employee of Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn walking the stairs of a pedestrian brigde leading to commercial and residential buildings in the area of the company's compound in Shenzhen. The factories that have powered China's economic miracle are reeling from the global slowdown, presenting the incoming leadership in Beijing with a restless workforce at a defining moment in the country's growth story. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)