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STORY 'China-marriage-lifestyle-social,FEATURE' by Carol Huang This... ニュース写真イラストレーション,イラスト画法,インターネット,ウェブページ,テクノロジー,ノートパソコン,ビジネス,ワイヤレステクノロジー,北京,家庭生活,屋内,横位置,法人ビジネス,社会問題,集合住宅Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPTO GO WITH AFP STORY 'China-marriage-lifestyle-social,FEATURE' by Carol Huang This picture taken on January 31, 2013 shows Meng Guangyong using his laptop to operate a boyfriend-broker business online, at his apartment in Beijing. Selling a kiss online, accompanying a stranger overnight for a fee -- none of the 'rent a boyfriend' services popping up on some Chinese websites sound at all family-friendly. Yet the budding market aims to help young singles address the most traditional of values: respecting their elders, meeting their demand to find a mate and bringing him home for the country's biggest holiday, the Lunar New Year. AFP PHOTO / WANG ZHAO (Photo credit should read WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)