Peaches At Jewish Museum In Berlin


Canadian electronic musician and performance artist Peaches speaks to... ニュース写真エレクトロ音楽,エンタメ総合,サーカス芸人,シンガー ピーチズ,セレブリティ,ドイツ,ベルリン,ミュージシャン,ユダヤ教,一人,上演者,人物,大人,大人のみ,女性一人,女性歌手,宗教,展覧会,座る,最終日,月,横位置,歌手,芸術家,訪問,話す,音楽Photographer Collection: Getty Images Entertainment 2013 Adam BerryBERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 31: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Canadian electronic musician and performance artist Peaches (Merrill Beth Nisker) speaks to a visitor while sitting in the 'live exhibit' portion of the exhibition 'The Whole Truth - Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Jews...' on its second to last day after a run of over five months at the Juedisches Museum (Jewish Museum Berlin) on August 31, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The temporary exhibition, which challenges cliches about Jews, featured a different volunteer 'real live Jew' on site for two hours every day to answer visitors' spontaneous questions about their religion. Critics compared the exhibit to 19th-century European freak show attractions under the name Hottentot Venus, but supporters saw the live section as being educational for visitors. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)