Global Technology 2012 Best Photos By Bloomberg


Bloomberg's Best Photos 2012: Global Technology. Images of vast... ニュース写真アジア大陸,カナダ,コンピュータ,スマートフォン,テクノロジー,ビジネス,ファイナンス,ワイヤレステクノロジー,北京,小売り,成功,携帯情報端末,携帯電話,横位置,法人ビジネス,通信設備Photographer Collection: Bloomberg 2012 BloombergBloomberg's Best Photos 2012: Global Technology. Images of vast diversity were captured in 2012 by our ever thoughtful and creative photographers: water drops falling across the Facebook logo; Spanish self-propelled aerial platforms reaching for the sky; and NASA's space shuttle getting its nose out in front in Florida. With striking acuity, Bloomberg's photographers honed in on both the technology companies and the technological products that affect our lives each day, see their work here in Global Technology. FILE PHOTO: 'BEST PHOTOS OF 2012' (***BESTOF2012***): A police officer stands guard outside an Apple Inc. store in Beijing, China, on Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. Apple, whose skill at hyping new products has helped make it the world's most valuable technology company, became a victim of its own success with a botched introduction of its iPhone 4S in China. Photographer: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images