Butzweilerhof Education Center


 Apprenticeship as motorcar mechanic in the Butzweilerhof education... ニュース写真2012年,エンジン,オフィスの仕切り,ケルン市,テクノロジー,デスクトップ型パソコン,ドイツ,ノルトラインヴェストファーレン州,ビジネス,マン・シアターズ,ヤングアダルト,ルーキー,働く,努力,同等,大人,教える,教育,横位置,機械工,法人ビジネス,男,男性,研修,職場,職業,自動車,若い男性,見習い,輸送手段,陸の乗り物,雇用と労働Photographer Collection: Ulrich Baumgarten 2012 Ulrich BaumgartenCOLOGNE, GERMANY - DECEMBER 10: Apprenticeship as motorcar mechanic in the Butzweilerhof education center of chamber of commerce Cologne on December 10, 2012 in Cologne, Germany. The Butzweilerhof in Cologne-Ossendorf, which is the older of the two centres of learning, places emphasis on courses that are mandatory to almost all trainees in the handicraft in addition to the training at their employers workshops and the instruction at vocational schools, every year these courses have about 10,000 participants. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)