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Amanda Collins of Reno, Nevada, tears up while testifying against... ニュース写真アメリカ合州国,コロラド州議事堂,デンバー,レノ,大学キャンパス,宣誓証言,政治,横位置,武器,法,法廷審問Photographer Collection: Denver Post Copyright - 2013 The Denver Post, MediaNews Group.DENVER, CO - MARCH 4: Amanda Collins, 27, of Reno, Nevada, tears up while testifying against Colorado House Bill 1226 banning concealed-carry weapons on college campuses during a hearing of the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee at the Colorado State Capitol on March 4, 2013, in Denver, Colorado. Collins was raped on a college campus despite having a concealed carry permit because the Nevada campus banned concealed weapons on its premises. (Photo by Daniel Petty/The Denver Post via Getty Images)