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Activists --with some Brazilian natives among them-- protest in front... ニュース写真グアナバラ湾,サッカー,スタジアム,スポーツ,ブラジル,マラカナン競技場,リオデジャネイロ,リノベーション,宮殿,抗議活動,政府,横位置,活動家Photographer Collection: AFP 2013 AFPActivists --with some Brazilian natives among them-- protest in front of the Guanabara state government's palace against the privatization of the Mario Filho 'Maracana' stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on April 11, 2013. Bidding for the privatization of Rio's iconic Maracana stadium was to go ahead as planned Thursday after a local court rejected an appeal to block the process. Maracana, which was built for the 1950 World Cup, is undergoing extensive renovation at a cost of 430 million dollars to host four Confederations Cup matches in June as well as seven World Cup games next year, including the finals of both tournaments. AFP PHOTO /VANDERLEI ALMEIDA (Photo credit should read VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)